3 Easy DIY Summer Home Improvement Projects to Increase Your Home Value


Before summer ends, take advantage of the warm weather for more than a vacation. This is the best time of year for easy DIY projects that are fun, relaxing and valuable. Not only can you enjoy a Saturday afternoon in peace, these projects will increase the value of your home, too.

Don’t forget – it’s easy to make a small monthly payment towards warranties on your home. When it comes to appliance or home system breakdowns, DIY projects can be a bummer. A home warranty is easy to manage and can even help increase your home value as a selling point to new buyers.

1. Plant a tree or privacy hedge.

Landscaping is essential for “curb appeal” when home buyers shop around and seek a great first impression. Not only does a tree add aesthetic value to your home, the monetary value of a tree on your property increases each year.  A perfectly placed tree can also provide strategic shade to reduce cooling costs when blocking the home from direct sun.

Trees make great investments for a lifetime, but not all trees will add universal value. Fruit trees can be valuable, but the value depends on the individual buying, such as a homeowner who especially enjoys pears or apples. To surely increase your home value, pick a species of tree that fits your unique biome and tends to last for decades. Plant hardy trees that are prone to resist disease, including the crape myrtle, sugar maple and northern red oak. Weeping willows work well near standing water if you have a troublesome area that won’t drain, and limelight hydrangeas are short but produce bright flowers that are sure to catch attention. Consider planting a mature tree so that its youngest years are over and it’s best suited to take off.

Planting a privacy hedge will also add value by offering seclusion for your home. While one tree can average around $100, a hedge will run higher depending on how many shrubs will amount to the coverage you’re looking for. Consider cornering your property with hedges to space out your landscaping while still offering privacy.

2. Refresh rooms with paint.

Simply repainting a room will give it an entirely new perspective. This can help improve the value of your home by giving you the chance to choose a color that is more appealing to a home buyer.

When we first move in to a home, we make choices that turn the home into our own unique style. Some of these style choices might affect the opinion of future buyers when you choose to sell your home. By changing a room from, for example, a dark red to a light gray, new comers viewing your home will find the colors more virtually appealing rather than forming a strong opinion on this one aspect of the room.

3. Install ceiling fans.

Circulating the air in your home has many benefits and comes at little cost.

If you’re not ready for a brand-new AC unit or HVAC system, to save money this year a new fan can help add value to your home instead. If you’re looking to conserve on your cooling costs, then a ceiling fan is sure to help move cool air from your primary rooms.

Not only will you better conserve on your cooling costs, you’ll also improve the air quality in your home to help fight mildew. Homes with poor circulation are often humid and experience mold. This may greatly enhance allergies in families and can cause severe health problems over time. Adding ceiling fans to your rooms can help build value for families who care about their health and well-being in the home.